2013 Autumn Newsletter


Rubbish is strewn everywhere in our area of Kilburn. We are awash with plastic bags, overflowing bins, mattresses and other domestic waste left out on pavements. Do we really like it? Rubbish attracts rats! Females can produce five litters a year. There are thousands of these rodents per square mile in London. And they seem particularly to like our area since we more or less invite them to be here with our piles of trash. These highly intelligent rodents have teeth sharp enough to chew through iron, steel, wood fences and electrical wiring. And no cheers for what they do to plastic! Never under-estimate their gymnastic ability! Rats can squeeze themselves through the tiniest of openings. And given half a chance nestle under your floorboards! With cut backs on street cleaning, we have no time to lose. Please, wrap up your rubbish and recycle that can of beer or coke you are about to toss out on the street. Keep your bins well closed and politely challenge people/children who have just dropped crisp packets or anything else objectionable onto the pavement, to bin it. Please be advised that the cleaning schedule for our streets is: Kilburn High Road and Willesden Lane every day (the first 50m of residential roads off these main roads are cleaned daily); Residential street cleaning is once a week on the following days:- Monday: Buckley Road, Callcott Road: Streatley Road; Tuesday: Clarence Road, Dyne Road, Plympton Road, Torbay Road; Thursday: Burton Road, Dunster Gardens. Celia Purcell


The dilapidated and deteriorating state of some aspects of Willesden Lane has been a cause of concern for some time now. Earlier this year, BRAT was awarded ‘Ward Working’ funds to develop our Willesden Lane Improvement Plan. Good progress has been made since with Anna Dennemann appointed as Lead Project Consultant. Anna brings along her wealth of experience of working with the Harlesden Town Team, which has been successful in securing major regeneration work for that area. Anna has led a series of Street Walks with Willesden Lane residents, business owners, councillors, town planners, and the like to help identify the Lane’s key issues; a survey of the retailers and businesses on Willesden is also taking place and allowing insights into the improvements traders would like to see. Over the coming weeks, Anna will be looking to form a stakeholder group to help formulate a shared vision for Willesden Lane. Franceska Brown


After several years of lobbying, BRAT helped secure the lifting of Bank Holiday parking restrictions in the KD Parking Zone. However this success has been tempered by budget cut inspired changes to the way parking is managed in the borough. The council now insists applicants have online parking accounts to obtain parking permits and visitor permits; see http://www.brent.gov.uk/parking. Apart from the deeply questionable imposition of online access, we hope that the author’s recent experience of achieving an annual Resident Parking Permit is not the norm: despite living 30 years at the same Brent address, she was ’unverifiable’ according to their database. A phone call to the council on its number 020 8937 4972 took 20 minutes to get through and resulted in an official – after a further wait of 60 minutes – unable to sort out the permit! Annette Morreau


Charteris Sports Centre is open again thanks to the efforts of the Save Charteris Group (SCG). SCG agreed a “time share” with the building’s owners (a school consortium) by which SCG have use of the building from 6pm to 10pm weekday evenings and 10am to 7pm at weekends, plus daytime use during school holidays. SCG formed a company which now manages the Centre during these hours. The move from campaign group to management has been a challenge. Fortunately one of the company directors, Clem Glasgow, is a former Brent sports manager who, along with other SCG members, has created a thriving facility offering a wide range of sporting activities. Highlights include a newly refurbished gym offering sessions at £2:50 and circuit training for the over 49’s who wish keep fit. We also offer Aikido, Ballet, Basketball, Karate, Pilates and Zumba. The hall can be hired for badminton, football and children’s parties. For details please visit http://www.charterissports.org /email bookings@charterissports.org or ring or text 07984 579011. Lloyd Fothergill

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