This is the website of the Brondesbury Residents and Tenants Association, covering the area between Willesden Lane, Dyne Road and Kilburn High Road.
The full list of streets is: Buckley Road, Burton Road, Callcott Road, Clarence Road, Dunster Gardens, Dyne Road, Plympton Road and Avenue, Streatley Road, Torbay Road, Waterloo Passage, the north side of Willesden Lane to the railway line and the west side of Kilburn High Road from Willesden Lane to the railway line.
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  1. nikki says:

    Hi. I started an ePetition to try to get Brent / Camden to ban spitting on streets in Kilburn. I think that you were sent links to it. I now have support from LB Brent and had a good meeting with key stakeholders this week where we talked about funding. A pot has been identified – we are going to make the case for budget from it to get started on the Kilburn High Road. I could do with more signatures on the Petition to really strengthen the case. I wondered whether you would circulate this to your members and ask them to pass it on.


    Nikki 07813 853 665

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