2017 July Minutes

Minutes of BRAT Committee Meeting

4thJuly 2017




Judy Easter (Chair)  
Jane Clist (Secretary) Caroline Lynch
Jason Barnes Mary Loughnan
Clifford Bastian Mary O’Connor
Mali Bastian Paul Schulte
Fiona Finlay Kamilla Williamson
Al Forsyth Farah Zand
Brian Glasser, Cllr. Barbara Pitruzella



Apologies:Annette Morreau, Annaliese Richards, Wendy Roberts,


  1. Minutes of meeting held on 16thMay 2017

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.


  1. Wendy Roberts: minute 13 of 16thMay 2017

Noted that Wendy was slowly recovering and would be unable to do the accounts of the               AGM or make the room bookings for meetings. Judy Easter agreed to check the room          bookings for future meetings.


  1. Trish Arnold: minute 6 of 16thMay 2017

            Caroline reported that the obituary which had been published was for the Trish Arnold                 who had been a BRAT Committee member.  Caroline had spoken to Trish Arnold’s                         nephew and suggested the possibility of a blue plaque for his aunt.  Jason agreed to                        consult the correct person at the Guildhall about this.  Caroline agreed to ask the nephew                   if his family would  be agreeable to BRAT putting a plaque in Streatley Gardens or if                 they would prefer some other memorial from BRAT.


  1. Street trees: minute 7 of 16thMay 2017

Noted that tree stumps had been removed since the last meeting and the pavements had                been marked to indicate where the paving needed reinstating.  Agreed that Cllr. Pitruzella                       would address the Highways Department of Brent Council about keeping the paving               stones and not replacing them with tarmac.


  1. Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL): minute 9 of 16thMay 2017

            Noted that some of the cheaper suggestions for work using the CIL had already been                     done.  More suggestions for using this money were invited before December.


  1. Planning: minute 10 of 16th May 2017

            Al reported that the planning application for the Prince of Wales pub had been                         withdrawn.

A proposal to turn 81 Calcott Road into a 7 bedroom house and BRAT’s objection had                been circulated by Al and also copied to the architect.  Anyone else wishing to object               should email the planning officer at Brent Council.  The committee thanked Al for his                         extraordinarily detailed document.

There had been minor revisions to the design of the house on the corner of Streatley Road                    and Plympton Road after BRAT’s first response to the planning application.  There had                   been breaches of the permission granted, and these had been pointed out inky BRAT.                Some of the breaches were still being considered by the Council.

Noted that the planning application for the Corrib pub had been unanimously approved                by the Council. No more community spaces would be provided.


  1. Smoke alarms

            Notedthat the London Fire Brigade would inspect any property for fire safety at no                     charge.  The number to call was 0800 028 4428 and visits could also be booked online.                   The Fire Service would install smoke alarms.  The number to call for this was 020 8555                   1200 extension 84751.


  1. Queens Park Day

            Noted that this would be held on Sunday September 17th this year.  No interest was                     shown in having a BRAT presence there.



Noted that it was possible to call the Mayhew Animal Home (020 8962 8000) if stray cats                 were a nuisance.


  1. Safer Neighbourhoods Panel

            Noted that the next meeting of the SNP would be on Wednesday 12th July at the police                station.  There had been more burglaries in the hot weather due to windows being open.


  1. AGM

       Agreed that the AGM would be held on Thursday16th November at 7.00pm at the Institute             of        Contemporary Music and that Brian would be chair. Agreed that the AGM would be on       the agenda of the next meeting.


  1. Date of next meeting

            Noted that the next meeting would be on Tuesday 12th September at 7.00pm at the                  Institute of Contemporary Music.  Fiona Finlay would be chair.

Agreed to have a discussion at the next meeting about the nature of BRAT and the                         possibility of advertising via fliers and posters on trees.




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