2016 January Minutes

Minutes of BRAT Committee Meeting



Present: Al Forsyth (Chair) Irene Kyffin
  Jane Clist (secretary) Mary Loughnan,
  Jason Barnes Mary O’Connor,
  Clifford Bastians Annaliese Richards
  Indramal Bastians Wendy Roberts
  Ruth Davis Paul Schulte
  Judy Easter Kamilla Williamson
  Brian Glasser Farah Zand



Apologies:David Evans, Clare Fox, Annette Morreau, Celia Purcell, Councillor John Duffy


  1. Minutes of meeting held on 3rdNovember 2015

The minutes were confirmed.


  1. Calendar and Chairing rota: minute 5 of 3rdNovember 2015

The Calendar and Chairing rota was agreed as follows.

March 1st                                       Paul Schulte

May 3rd                                         Mary Loughnan

July 5th                                                               Brian Glasser

September 13th                                             David Evans

November 1st                                                 Judy Easter

January 10th 2017                          Wendy Roberts and Annaliese Richards


  1. Meeting venue

Agreed that Julian would liaise with Wendy with a view to approaching the Director of the Tricycle Theatre for a low cost or free room with guaranteed disabled access for BRAT meetings.


  1. Planning: minute 8 of 3rdNovember 2015
  2. Noted that works being undertaken at the salvage yard site in Willesden Lane (numbers 136, 138 and 140) next to ChristChurch School were not mentioned on Brent Council’s planning website and no planning alert had been circulated. The building had been demolished without consultation.  An email about this had been sent to the Council, copied to Cllr John Duffy, following a meeting between Farah, Paul and Al.  The Head of  Planning had replied a week ago saying that the matter had been referred to the Head of Area Planning, but nothing had been heard since.  Only the Egyptian style frontage was left of the building which had been a monumental mason’s  and which was in the Paddington cemetery conservation area.  Agreed that Julian would contact the Chief Conservation Officer at Brent Council to ask what was happening.
  3. Noted that the foundation stone of the town hall had disappeared from under James Stewart House in Dyne Road. The paving improvements in that area had been done by Brent Housing Partnership’s (BHP) contractor.  Agreed that Al would email BHP about this, with a copy to Cllr Duffy.
  4. c)Also noted that there was a mosque opposite the madrassa in Kilburn High Road the                    members of which had taken to serving food in Waterloo Passage.  Agreed that Al and                         Paul would take this up as a planning issue.


  1. Notice Boards

Noted that TESCO in Willesden Lane was prepared to display posters about BRAT         events.  Agreed that Julian would speak with Ondine about the key for the noticeboard in     Streatley Gardens. Noted that a community noticeboard was being put on the              ChristChurch School fence on Willesden Lane.

Agreed to put communication issues on the agenda for the next meeting.     In the               meantime, members were reminded to tell Kamilla about any local issues so that she      could tweet about them.


  1. Street parties

Noted that Brent Council had refused to close a road for a street party.  Agreed that Annaliese and Kamilla would look into options for holding a neighbourhood party.


  1. Anti-social behaviour

Noted that some of the residents at 21 Plympton Road were causing a nuisance and                disturbing the neighbours with loud parties, shouting and banging doors and throwing           objects into the street.  They were also using the flat roof as a roof terrace although there              was no safety rail. The property belonged to Network Housing, who had asked for local       people to report to them any instances of anti-social behaviour by their tenants. BRAT      members were asked to note the date, time and nature of any disturbance, who was                  causing it and who it affected.


  1. Kilburn Neighbourhood Forum: minute 7 of 3rd November 2015

            Agreed thatBRAT should get involved with the Kilburn Neighbourhood Forum (KNF) as                 there were important issues to address.  Brent and Camden Councils were proposing to                  reconfigure Kilburn High Road.  It was proposed to restrict the road to one lane of traffic               in each direction.  There were likely to be other controversial proposals too.

Agreed that Paul.Al and Farah would represent BRAT on the KNF.


  1. Willesden Lane

            Noted that a pelican crossing had been installed on Willesden Lane, but a parking bay            had been left on the same site.   Agreed to ask the Brent Highways Team to authorise          proper removing of the parking bay.


  1. Parking

            Noted that all the parking bays at the end of Dyne Road nearest Kilburn High Road were      used by the Swift Cars minicab company.  Agreed that Al would email the Ward                            Councillors and the Planning Department to ask for minicab parking bays to be created,        because there were no taxi ranks in the area, and unnecessary yellow lines to be removed             in that part of the street.




  1. Rubbish

            Noted that rubbish was being dumped at the end of Streatley Road near Willesden Lane.       The paladins for rubbish from the flats on Willesden Lane had been left out on the                footpath and rubbish had been put in the paladin enclosure so that the bins could not be         put back.  Agreed that Mary O’Connor would ‘phone Cllr John Duffy the next day about                this.


  1. Date of next meeting

             The next meeting would be on 1st March at 7.30pm at the Institute of Contemporary                     Music.


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