Much of BRAT’s area falls withing the North Kilburn Conservation Area where specific restrictions on certain types of development apply.  The three documents below set out Brent Council’s planning policy in respect of this part of the borough.
The Article 4 Direction removes certain specified ‘permitted development’ rights, i.e., those rights granted by central government, the details of which can be found here:
This means that the changes which would otherwise be lawful require express planning permission before they can be carried out.  The restrictions are listed in Schedule A of the Direction. North Kilburn Article 4.
The North Kilburn Design Guide sets out the type of changes to buildings that are and are not acceptable in the conservation area.  North Kilburn Conservation Area Design Guidance.
The North Kilburn Conservation Area Appraisal identifies, analyses and describes the historic and architectural character of the North Kilburn Conservation Area.  North Kilburn Conservation Area Appraisal.
The Mason’s Yard Development (136 Willesden Lane)
The Masons Yard in Willesden Lane 136 Willesden Lane development:

Planning Application Ref: 14/2311
Previous 11/3339 refused and 04/0373

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