2018 August Minutes

BRAT Meeting Friday 3rd August 2018

Venue. The refectory of Christ Church and St Laurence.


Fiona Finlay , Mary Loughlan, Brian Glasser, Annie Richards. Fatma Kayhan, Celia Purcell, Kamila Williamson. Jane Clist.

Present. Paul Schulte (Chair) Judy Easter (Minutes) Wendy Roberts. (Treasurer). Cllr Rita Conneely Jason Barnes. Karina Eisa.  Phil Bingham.  Julian Roberts, Caroline Lynch , Clifford Bastion , Indramel Bastion ,Annette Moreau , Sheila Stayte, Al Foster , Farah Zand , Maggie Lindford, Clare Fox, Martin Fisher

  1. Minutes of meeting May 8th 2018.


  1. Matters arising. See Agenda.
  2. Crime.

Caroline had attended a meeting with local police 2 weeks before. There had been 2 break ins in Torbay Rd. Car crime was up. Mo paired crime and phone snatching were occurring in Kilburn Square and on the High Road.. Advice from police: Shut windows. Clear car contents. And please report all crimes to produce correct figures.

Annette had had her purse stolen on a bus. Police had responded well.

Jason reported plant pots stolen from his front garden – which the police not followed up.

Councillor Conneelly reported that police are invited to council surgeries and reminded members that they could attend to convey particular concerns over criminal issues.

  1. Rough Sleepers.

Paul thought there was notably less bedding on Kilburn High Road.

Councillor Conneelly stressed that homeless people can be reported via Street Link (www.streetlink.org.uk) to receive help, supported by charities with links in local boroughs and outreach services. This seems to be at the root of the improvement.

  1. Cleanliness. The scheme now implemented for Calcott Rd. seems to be working to force landlords to keep their properties clean. Councillor Conneelly was waiting for an updated report on criteria for enforcement. Residents still concerned about the state of houses and gardens in local streets can contact her direct.
  2. Street Trees. There was a short discussion on the cost of new trees. Residents have the responsibility to water and care for them. New funding will be allocated in December. Residents are encouraged to co-ordinate and put in an application for new trees, through Clare. Councillor Conneelly said it was also possible to sponsor a tree. But the present cost of £250, seemed excessive and she would update BRAT on tree strategy.
  3. Planning Issues. Several examples were given of infringement of conservation rules, i.e. No 4 Buckley Rd., No 4 and 9 Plympton Ave.

Councillor Conneelly would pass these on to council officials for enforcement-or at least early advice to the householders. Note: in the Buckley Road case it would be important to do this quickly as the entirely concreted front garden was almost complete.

Annette asked about Estate Agent boards remaining indefinitely in place. Councillor Conneelly said this was not a council matter. Estate Agents should be contacted directly-if they can be found.

  1. Junction problem. Farah reported confusion-or deliberate revenue generation, over a right turn potentially resulting in fines, at the Harvist Rd/Chamberlayne Rd traffic lights. Councillor Conneelly agreed to take this matter up., although the lights were in Queens Park.
  2. Tricycle Theatre: proposed rebranding.

Martin spoke about the Save the Tricycle movement against the proposed name change. It had started spontaneously after the abrupt announcement in April of the “Kiln “and then mushroomed. 98% are against the change, 1,500 signatures are on one petition, and similar numbers online. No BRAT members, including those who were donors to the theatre, had been given any advance notification of the change, despite the theatre’s claims of satisfactory prior consultation. All representations to the theatre management to understand and discuss the logic of change have been dismissed. Tulip Siddiq MP had recently  intervened .The  theatre bord, having failed to answer any of the questions they were asked about the alleged consultation, and the basis on which they applied for substantial grants in the name of the Tricycle, have now agreed to a meeting, just one week before he theatre is to reopen.

Councillor Conneelly had applied to sit on the theatre board as she is particularly supportive of the multi-ethnic community aspect. Her application had been blocked the first time, but has now been accepted. She has yet to attend, and is only allowed to observe, not to speak!

A letter to BRAT from James Foran, the theatre’s chief operating officer was available to the meeting, declining his invitation to attend.

A prolonged discussion followed, expressing strong feelings on both sides of the argument, but overwhelmingly against a name change. The balance was further strengthened by the expressed views of several of those who had sent apologies. The chairman correspondingly undertook to prepare and circulate a letter setting out BRAT members concerns. (Note this was sent round to the full BRAT distribution list on 7 August)

  1. Any other Business.

Jason remarked that Streatley Rd playground was also being dug up, just when children could be using it. It was pointed out that this was the responsibility of the Highways Department. This and similar issues could be pointed out by ‘Cleaner Brent’ smart phone app, available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. Details, and instructions on downloading, are given at https://www.brent.gov.uk/services-for-residents/transport-and-streets/keeping-the-streets-clear-and-clean/cleaner-brent-smartphone-app/

  1. Date of next meeting.

The Chairman stressed that the value of attendance by at least one councillor had once again been demonstrated. Councillor Conneelly agreed to notify her available dates, and also details of councillors’ surgeries. (Note: the next meeting has now been fixed for 11 September at the ICMP.)







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