AGM Minutes November 2016

Minutes of BRAT Annual General Meeting

3rdNovember 2016


Chaired by Brian Glasser at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance

1b Dyne Road


  1. Minutes of previous AGM

The minutes of the AGM held 18thNovember 2015 were confirmed.


  1. Approval of 2014-15 Accounts

The accounts and Treasurer’s report were presented and accepted.


  1. Guest Speakers

         (i) Dan Judelson gave a presentation on the Salusbury Mentoring Scheme, which helped to integrate refugee children into mainstream education.  The Scheme needed more volunteers from the local community who were aged at least 18 and could commit to at least one hour a week for 6 months. The mentoring sessions took place at the end of the school day.   BRAT members were asked to contact Dan through Brian if they were interested.

         (ii) Councillor Barbara Pitruzella addressed the meeting to introduce herself as the new Ward Councillor with particular responsibility for Planning.  Barbara needed information from residents in order to follow up any concerns about planning permissions, and her contact details could be found on the Brent Council website.

(iii) Pete Whittard, the Director of the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP), gave an overview of the programmes run by the ICMP, which currently had about 850 full-time students. As well as providing the venue for BRAT committee meetings, Pete was keen to build relationships between the ICMP and the local community. Pete explained that building work had begun to extend the premises at 1b Dyne Road as the lease on the Institute’s other building was coming to an end.


  1. Election of Officers for 2016-17

Al Forsyth acted as returning officer and conducted the elections.  The results were as follows.


Chair and Vice Chair              It was agreed to continue to rotate the chairmanship and to include the role of Vice Chair in this role.  Those willing to take a turn at chairing meetings were: Paul Schulte, Al Forsyth, Mary Loughnan, Brian Glasser, Judy Easter and Wendy Roberts.  Brian would chair the meeting on 10th January 2017.


Secretary:                                Jane Clist


Treasurer:                                Wendy Roberts


Membership Secretary:           Post no longer required.  The Communications Team would                                                             consider membership issues.


Communications Team:          Kamilla Williamson, Annaliese Richards, Rhys Williams                                                      and Brian Glasser


Trees, Ecology and Street Care: Caroline Lynch and Mary O’Connor


Streatley Gardens Rep.:          Annaliese Richards


Events Reps.:                          Annaliese Richards and Kamilla Williamson


Parking and Roads:                  Al Forsyth and Brian Glasser


Conservation and Planning:     Al Forsyth, Paul Schulte, Farah Zand


Police Liaison:                         Mary O’Connor and Caroline Lynch


Buckley Road Rep.:                Mary O’Connor


Burton Road Rep.:                  vacant


Calcott Road Reps.:                Julian Wickham, Annette Morreau, Mali and Clifford                                                           Bastians


Clarence Road Rep.:                Caroline Lynch


Dunster Gardens Rep.:           vacant


Dyne Road Rep.:                    Celia Purcell


Plympton Avenue Rep.:         Judy Easter


Plympton Road Reps.:                       Annaliese Richards and Paul Schulte


Streatley Road Reps.:             Mary Loughnan, Mary O’Connor and Jonathan Moore


Torbay Road Reps.:                Judy Easter, Wendy and Julian Roberts



  1. BRAT in action

(i) Annaliese reported on the two ‘Play Street’ events that she and Kamilla had organised during the year.  There had been one in May and a larger event for Halloween.  Chelsea Square estate agents had provided some sponsorship for these events and had offered to sponsor the next two.  Carol singing in Streatley Gardens would be arranged in which it was hoped that a choir from ICMP would be able to take part.  The date would be on the BRAT website (

(ii) Al reported on the visit Mark Price, the Brent Council conservation officer, made to BRAT in June.  Mark dealt with policy and would be revising the Article 4 Declaration, which concerned the conservation area status of the BRAT area, and also the Design Guide.  BRAT had been invited to contribute to these documents and had made a list of issues to be suggested to Mark for inclusion. The list would be put on the BRAT website ( and BRAT members were asked to send any other ideas to Al, who needed to send an agreed list to Mark by the end of the year.

Al also reported that the building works at the Kilburn High Road end of Dyne Road were taking parking spaces away.  He had asked the Highways Department for certain sections of yellow lines to be removed to compensate for this.  The Highways Department was willing to consider this and some funds might be available for the necessary work, which could make about 250m or 50 parking spaces available.

(iii) Rhys Williams spoke about the need for better communications to recruit new members by engaging with residents and advertise BRAT activities.  Kamilla was already doing a great job on Twitter and traditional methods such as news letters, posters, fliers, word of mouth and meetings also had their place. Rhys would be working on the new website at the end of this year as a priority.  There were free blogs and updates that could be used and the website would need multiple administrators. Social media would be integrated into the website and automatic feeds would give useful information on weather, traffic, travel, etc..  There would be a link to the BRAT ‘nextdoor’ group, which 84 people had joined. It would also be possible to engage with the media and local businesses and include videos and old photographs. Agreed that BRAT needed to be explained so that it was widely understood as Brondesbury Residents And Tenants.


  1. Thanks and Date of next committee meeting

The Chair thanked everyone for coming and the next committee meeting was set for 7.30 pm on Tuesday 10th January 2017, when Brian Glasser would be in the Chair.







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