2017 January Minutes

Minutes of BRAT Committee Meeting

10thJanuary 2017




Brian Glasser (Chair) Caroline Lynch
Jane Clist (Secretary) Annette Morreau
Judy Easter Mary O’Connor,
Al Forsyth Wendy Roberts
Irene Kyffin Howard Robin
Mary Loughnan Kamilla Williamson



Apologies: Jason Barnes, Fiona Finlay, Annaliese Richards, Paul Schulte, Rhys Williams, Farah Zand, Councillor Barbara Pitruzella


  1. Minutes of meetings held on 13hSeptember 2016

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.


  1. Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT)

            Noted that there had been many bike thefts in the BRAT area recently.  Howard reported             that his landlords, Genesis Housing Association, no longer permitted him to keep his        bike in the hallway outside his flat.  Howard was advised to ask Genesis to provide him     with a lockable bike shed in his front garden.

There was also the possibility of having street bicycle racks. These were paid for by      users, who rented them.  Josie Walshaw, of Brent Bicycle Club, would be able to        provide information on these and we could ask Brent Council to provide some.

Caroline advised that there was an SNT meeting the next day at Kilburn Police Station    and that the SNT would like to hear reports of crimes from individuals.  Agreed that Caroline would be the official BRAT representative on the SNT and report back to   BRAT on SNT meetings.


  1. Parking in Brent

Noted that Brent Council would be conducting a consultation on a Parking Strategy for Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs).  This would exclude charging issues, and would cover hours and days of operation.  Al would circulate the matters being specifically addressed, but pointed out that related matters such as bay width and size of zones could also be brought up.  Members were invited to participate in the consultation online individually as well as contributing to the BRAT response. Al would find out the time available for this.  Noted that there would be a Brent Connect meeting for Kilburn and Kensal Rise on 24th January at 7pm in Salusbury School where parking would be discussed.


  1. Street Party

            Noted that Chelsea Square Estate Agents had offered £50 sponsorship for the next street party, which would be on Saturday 27th May, and a further £50 for a Halloween street party.  Noted that Kamilla would wait for the new conservation guidelines before                sending them information about the BRAT conservation area.  Agreed to allow £100 of                           BRAT funds to be used for the next street party. Further agreed to arrange for    subscriptions to be collected at that event.


  1. Scout Hut site (1a Streatley Road)

            Al reported that a new planning application had been made for the development of the                  site.  There was currently permission for two 3 bedroomed maisonettes in a four storey                         building.  The new application was for the exterior to be substantially unchanged from                 the permission already granted, but for the interior to comprise a 1 bedroom flat on each                  of the lower and upper ground floors and a 2 bedroom flat on the 1st and 2nd floors.             Comments could be sent to the Council by 11th January, but later comments could be                                             made directly to the Planning Officer, Barry Henn, after that.  Al pointed out that no                                             Community Infrastructure Levy, which should amount to between £20,000 and £30,000,                                         was mentioned.  Al would put forward some observations to the Council.


  1. Website improvements: minute 8 of 12thJuly 2016

A paper from Rhys Williams, containing suggestions for improvements to the website, was tabled.   Noted that individuals’ personal email addresses would be masked on the website.  Emails would also be copied to a central email address.  Agreed that Kamilla, Brian, Annaliese and Rhys would meet to take the project forward.  Noted that more contributors to the content of the website were needed.


  1. Fly tipping

Noted that there had been fly tipping in Plympton Road.  There was now a ‘Cleaner                     Brent’ app, which could be used to send photo’s of fly tipping to Brent Council.


  1. Committee list

            Agreed that Brian would produce an email list of committee members for use only by the       committee.


  1. Nomad Cinema

            Agreed that Nomad Cinema, who showed films in Queens park in the Summer, could                    send their information to BRAT for publicising on the website. Their profits went to                         charity.


10.Dates ofFuture Committee meetings

Agreed to ask Paul to Chair the meeting on 7th March, Mary Loughnan on 16th May,                 Wendy on 4th July and Judy on 12th September 2017.

Further agreed that the the street party subs collection would be on the March agenda.                  Meetings would be held at 7.30 pm at the Institute of Contemporary Music.

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