2013 September Minutes

Minutes of BRAT Committee Meeting

10th September 2013




Present: David Evans (chair) Mary O’Connor
  Jane Clist (secretary) Richard Price
  Franceska Brown Celia Purcell
  Jacqui Heywood Wendy Roberts
  Mary Loughnan Cllr. Mary Arnold
  Annette Morreau Cllr, Tayo Oladapo


Apologies: Judy Easter, Al Forsyth, Sheila Robin, Paul Schulte

  1. Minutes of meeting held on 2nd July 2013

The minutes were confirmed.

  1. 2.     Cycling: minute 9 of 2nd July 2013

Noted that there was a brochure on cycling in Brent on the internet.4

  1. 3.     Bank Holiday Parking Controls: minute 3 of 2nd July 2013

Noted that the Bank Holiday parking controls had been ended in time for the August Bank Holiday.

  1. 4.     Shooting on Kilburn High Road

Noted that a fatal shooting had occurred on the Kilburn High Road the day before the Notting Hill Carnival. The Safer Neighbourhoods Team (SNT) had liaised with the police in Wembley and an email from the SNT had been circulated.  Arrests had been made.  It was noted that Woodys was often open into the early hours of the morning and that it might be advisable to have cctv cameras near there.

The next Brent Connect Forum would be held on 1st October at 7pm and Neighbourhood Safety would be on the agenda,

Agreed that it was necessary to work with Camden Council to ensure the safety of young people.  Information was available on streetlife.com.

  1. Graffiti

Noted that the person at Brent Council to contact about graffiti was Simon Finney, 020 8937 5072. The Council would remove any graffiti the day after it was reported.

  1. 6.     Drug Dealing

The owner of Grace and Beauty thought there was drug dealing taking place in the adjacent premises and the police had been informed. Guerillas café was also a problem in this regard.

  1. 7.     AGM 2013

Agreed that the AGM would be held on Thursday 24th October at the Tricycle Theatre.

Noted that Al had agreed to remain on the Committee and agreed that the Committee would present Al with a bottle of champagne as he stood down from the Chair.

Agreed that the AGM would be advertised with a newsletter and publicity on the streets.

Agreed to invite the following to speak at the AGM:

Anna Denneman to give a summary of the work on Willesden Lane.

David Thrale, Head of Service, Safer Streets, Brent Council, to talk about parking, since there were many teething problems with the new internet based parking permits.

A police officer, to talk about crime and street violence in the area.

The Director of the Tricycle Theatre.

A newsletter would be produced to advertise the AGM and provide information on BRAT’s activities.  Annette agreed to take charge of this. Franceska would provide a piece on Willesden Lane.  Celia would write a paragraph on rats.

  1. 8.     BRAT card

The BRAT card had just been printed and would be distributed as follows.

Calcott Road: Annette and Franceska

Streatley and Buckley Roads: Mary Loughnan and Mary O’Connor

Dyne Road: Jacqui and Celia

Torbay Road: Wendy

Plympton Avenue: Judy

Plympton Road: Paul and Sheila

Burton and Clarence Roads: David

Some cards would also be left in shops on Willesden Lane and Kilburn High Road and in the Tricycle Theatre.

Distribution would happen as soon as possible with those distributing cards only knocking on doors if they felt comfortable with that and any people wishing to pay membership money being directed to Judy or being invited to pay online.

Noted that a sign directing people elsewhere could be paid for with Ward Working funds, but agreed that no action be taken now.  If anti social behaviour was involved, the Ward Warden should be involved.

  1. 9.     Kilburn High Road: minute 9 of 7th May 2013

Noted that Camden was taking the lead on a transport project about pedestrian safety which would be undertaken later in the year.  Camden residents had been consulted and it was agreed that BRAT should keep an eye on public transport journey times.

Brian Deagon was responsible for cycling initiatives and was considering removing ‘bus lanes and putting a cycling strip in the centre of the road.

The Brent policy was to join the cycle highway from Marble Arch to Cricklewood.  It was reported that this was not popular with Brent cyclists.

Agreed to invite the Highways Officer to the next meeting.

Brent Council had put £30,000 into the ‘meanwhile’ project.  ‘Spacemakers’ had been commissioned to make use of unused business premises to generate more activity.  Premises used as ‘meanwhile spaces’ had to be usable for at least 6 months and their use had to be sustainable.  One idea was to establish a ‘University of Kilburn’ to run courses and events at weekends and in the evenings focussed on the study of Kilburn.  ‘Spacemakers’ had links with other organisations and would seek matched funding.

Noted that the College of North West London was purpose built for providing education and could be used as a ‘meanwhile space’ if the owners agreed.

Jackie Peacock (of the Brent Private Tenants’ Rights Group) was setting up a debt advice service in premises shared with the British Heart Foundation.

Genesis Housing Association were threatening to sell the tin chapel on Kingsbridge Avenue, used as a base by the N.W. London Sea Cadets, and designed in the form of a ship inside.  It could be a ‘meanwhile space’ but its occupation was in dispute.

Agreed that it was important to engage people and that a social club for the elderly, a drop in centre, tea dances, classes such as history and a community café were ideas that would encourage people to meet together. The State was the biggest building in the area and it was agreed to continue pressure on Ruarch Ministries to do something for the community.

Noted that the ‘Kilburn biz’ website had various social enterprise businesses on it, and agreed that their expertise should be sought to assist the ‘meanwhile’ project.   Mary Arnold agreed to tell them about BRAT, BEST and N.W. London College and suggest a meeting of stakeholders.

  1. 10.  Willesden Lane: minute 7 of 7th May 2013

Noted that very little had come back from the business survey and that more volunteers were needed for this.  The purpose was to pass the information acquired on to Anna for her plan.

Two walkabouts were also planned for this purpose, with a facilitator and members of the local community walking along Willesden Lane from Dyne Road to Kilburn High Road to get an overview of the problems there.  Each walkabout would take between one and two hours and the dates proposed were 11th July at 4.30 p.m. and 20th July at 10.00 a.m. meeting at Kimberly Gardens.  BEST were aware of this. Agreed to invite business owners to take part too.  Anna would draft an explanatory email which Mary Arnold would send to a few more groups.  ChristChurch School was also being contacted about this.

Agreed that, towards the end of the year, a public meeting should be held to present ideas and plans.

Anna said she was starting to learn about Willesden Lane in terms of the traffic, the physical environment, buildings, and social data such as the ethnicity of the occupants.  Anna was also working with BEST and a Camden residents’ group to try to cover everyone who could use Willesden Lane.  Anna would also be contacting the owner of Tim’s Café, who owned much of the commercial property in Willesden Lane.  Next, Anna would be developing draft ideas to discuss with stakeholder groups and then have a community meeting with two colleagues facilitating workshops to develop the draft proposals.  This would form the basis for gaining Brent and Transport for London’s interest and asking them for funding.  The final presentation would be before Christmas 2013.

Noted that it could be an issue for the AGM.  The committee would have to take decisions that affected the wider BRAT community.

  1. 11.  Conservation Area: minute 15 of 7th May 2013

Noted that there were no longer any Conservation Area Officers.  Agreed that Mary Arnold would raise the possibility of a Brent Planning Officer doing an annual audit walkabout.  There were, however, resource issues, but maybe there would be a technological solution.  The Highways Department, for instance, now used an internet resource rather than visiting problem streets.

  1. BRAT calling card: minute 6 of 7th May 2013

Noted that the copy would be ready in the next couple of weeks.  Sheila would provide David with information about a printer.  Agreed that about 2500 would be needed and would be given out personally by knocking on doors.  Receipt books for money received were available from Judy.

  1. Rogue Landlords

Noted that any issues were to be reported to Jackie Peacock of the Brent Private Tenants’ Rights Group.

  1. 14.  AGM

Agreed that the AGM would be on October 24th.  Noted that Al would be standing down as Chair at that meeting.

  1. 15.  Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting would be held on 3rd September 2013.  After the meeting, however, the date of the next meeting was changed to 10th September.



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