AGM Minutes November 2015

Minutes of BRAT Annual General Meeting

18thNovember 2015




  1. Minutes of previous AGM

The minutes of the AGM held 16thNovember 2014 were confirmed.


  1. Approval of 2014-15 Accounts

The accounts and Treasurer’s report were presented and accepted.


  1. Combination of Funds

         A resolution to combine the Streatley Gardens Fund into the main BRAT Fund was proposed by the chairman and accepted by the meeting.


  1. Election of Officers for 2015-16


Al Forsyth acted as returning officer and conducted the elections.  The results were as follows.


Chair:                                       David Evans stood down and it was agreed to rotate the chairmanship.  Those willing to take a turn at chairing meetings were: David Evans, Paul Schulte, Al Forsyth, Mary Loughnan, Brian Glasser, Caroline Lynch and Wendy Roberts. David would chair the meeting on 12th January 2016.


Vice Chair:                               Al Forsyth


Secretary:                                 Jane Clist


Treasurer:                                Wendy Roberts


Membership Secretary:Judy Easter


Communications Team:           Matt Clark (for technical issues), Kamila Williamson,                                                   Paul Schulte, Brian Glasser and Judy Easter


Tree and Ecology Rep.:            Clare Fox


Streatley Gardens Reps.:           Annaliese Richards and Kamila Williamson


Street Care Reps.:                     Mary O’Connor and Caroline Lynch


Parking and Roads:                   Al Forsyth and Brian Glasser


Conservation and Planning:      Al Forsyth, Paul Schulte, Farah Zand


Police Liaison:                         Mary O’Connor and Caroline Lynch


Buckley Road Rep.:                  David Evans


Burton Road Rep.:                    Judy Easter


Calcott Road Reps.:                  Annette Morreau, Mali and Clifford Bastians


Clarence Road Rep.:                 David Evans


Dunster Gardens Rep.:  vacant


Dyne Road Rep.:                      Celia Purcell


Plympton Avenue Reps.:          Judy Easter and Matt Clark


Plympton Road Reps.:              Annaliese Richards and Paul Schulte


Streatley Road Reps.:                Mary Loughnan, Mary O’Connor and Jonathan Moore


Torbay Road Reps.:                  Wendy and Julian Roberts



  1. Basement Construction

A report by Al Forsyth on basement conversions in the area had been circulated. The most recent issue that had arisen was that of a basement to be added to a ground floor flat in Streatley Road, where the freehold of the property was jointly owned by the owners of the first floor and ground floor flats.  Brent Council’s planning committee councillors had pointed out that Brent did not have adequate policies to cover this situation.  The planning committee had welcomed Al’s document and Councillor Duffy undertook to ensure that the committee used it in formulating policies for basement developments.

The status of the BRAT conservation area was discussed and Councillor Duffy agreed to take up any breaches of the guidelines with Brent Council if BRAT members alerted him to specific instances.


  1. Address by Simon Wookey, Chair of Kilburn Neighbourhood Forum (KNF)

Simon addressed the meeting, explaining the the KNF had been set up to resolve the problems of Kilburn with a Neighbourhood Plan, which was an overarching plan for the area.  There would be two meetings, on November 24th from 7-9 p.m. in Kilburn Library and December 14th from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Tricycle Theatre to discuss the Kilburn High Road reconfiguration proposals.  Information was also on the KNF website, kilburnforum.organd Simon could be emailed on


  1. Brent visitor parking proposal

            Brent Council was consulting on changes to the visitor parking permits and an email               about this had been circulated.Councillor Duffy asked BRAT members to email him                                        with their views on the proposed increase in price of visitor parking permits to £3                          for half a day and £4.50 for a whole day.  There would be no hourly rate.


  1. Willesden Lane

Noted thattimed waste collections had improved the cleanliness of Willesden Lane, although it was an ongoing battle to get residents to comply with the new arrangements and a reminder would be sent out soon by the Council.

The regeneration works in Willesden Lane had still not been finished, a pelican crossing being needed near the school.  Councillor Duffy would look into this.  A survey would be taking place to see if the traffic had been slowed by the changes made.


  1. Date of next committee meeting

Noted that the next BRAT committee meeting would take place at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 12th January 2016.


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