Committee Meeting – Summary

Brat held its bi-monthly committee meeting on Tuesday 4th March. Some of the key points are below: 

# Al Forsyth distributed copies of Brent Council’s consultation regarding the licensing of landlords. These will be distributed to households in the BRAT area in the next few days. Please fill in the response and join BRAT in calling for the proposed licensing scheme to apply to landlords in Kilburn. Note responses submitted after the deadline should still be considered – but please don’t leave it too long. 

# Anna Dennerman presented her ideas on how Willesden Lane could be improved. A copy of her presentation will be uploaded here in the next few days. 

# Matt Clark demonstrated the new website and Facebook page 

# There was further discussion about the problems with the new e-parking system. Note – Brent Council officers have a policy of rescinding PCN tickets in cases where they have been issued where reminders to renew permits have not been issued. 

# There was agreement to pursue the establishment of a Kilburn Neighbourhood Forum together with neighbouring associations. 

# BRAT hopes to hold a hustings for potential councillors ahead of the local government elections to be held on 22nd May. 

Unfortunately there wasn’t time to discuss the proposed tree planting for the 2014/15 winter planting season. New trees should go in at the following places:

Plympton Rd between nos. 4 and 6 and also between nos. 8 and 10

Dunster Gardens between nos. 32 and 34

Callcott Road between nos. 8 and 10 and between nos. 34 and 36

Streatley Road between nos. 46 and 48

Buckley Road between nos. 39 and 41

Clarence Road between nos. 6 and 8; between nos. 4 and 6; on the flank of no. 2 and between nos. 9 and 11. 

# Unfortunately there was also no time to discuss the Learning from Kilburn project and the recent talk on Neoliberalism and the Kilburn Manifesto held at the North London Tavern; see the links below:



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