Minutes of September Committee Meeting

Minutes of BRAT Committee Meeting 

9th September 2014


David Evans (chair)
Jane Clist (secretary)

Franceska Brown

Mary O’Connor

Celia Purcell

Fran Farahsoffer Hermione Raven
Al Forsyth Wendy Roberts
Irene Kyffin Dawn Reedy
Maggie Linford Anna Smith
Mary Loughnan

Annette Morreau

Camilla Williamson

Alasdair Honeyman (BEST chair)

Daniel Newburg Cllr. John Duffy
Majid Nawaz ( Lib Dem)

Apologies: Matt Clark, Peter Dow, Judy Easter, Caroline Lynch, Paul Schulte

  1. Minutes of meeting held on 8th July 2014

The minutes had been delayed and would be circulated later..

  1. Majid Nawaz

The Liberal Democrat prospective parliamentary candidate, Majid Nawaz, addressed the meeting and responded to questions.

  1. College of North West London

Stuart Webster (London Diocesan Board), Richard Ardron (Headteacher) and Sarah Clifford (Chair of Governors) of Marylebone Boys’ School addressed the meeting.  The new Free School was currently using the building of the old College of North West London in Priory Park Road.  It was a temporary arrangement as the school would be moving to Westminster next year, when Kilburn Grange Primary School would take over the premises.

It was pointed out that a public right of way through the car park had been fenced off without planning permission. The land belonged to Brent Council and the lights there were public lights.  The School team had been unaware of this and undertook to provide the name of the DoE officer who had instructed them to erect the fence, and to escalate the matter to higher authorities to resolve the issue.  The team expressed their wish to engage with the local community.  A travel plan for pupils was being developed to minimise disruption to local residents.  It was envisaged that more of the 120 Year 7 boys would travel on public transport as the year progressed, reducing the number of cars parking near the school.

  1. AGM 16th October 2014

ChristChurch School charged £30 per hour to hire a room large enough for the AGM, and as 4 hours would be needed it was agreed that this was too much.  Wendy would check whether there was a room available at the Tricycle.

Rather than revisit parking issues, Cllr. Duffy agreed to look into specific difficulties, particularly online permits for foreign cars.

It was suggested that the person in charge of traffic calming in Willesden Lane, and a representative of Veolia could be invited to address the meeting.  An item on the redevelopment of the Tricycle, including a presentation on the closure and the building work was suggested.  It was also suggested that Antonio Antonio be invited to talk about street scape and repair as the workmanship of repairs was not monitored and it was important to ensure that repairs were done properly the first time they were tackled.

Anna agreed to put a newsletter together if others provided the copy.  Franceska agreed to write a piece about Willesden Lane and the steering group that was overseeing the improvement plan. Cllr. Duffy would write a piece on the waste challenge in Willesden Lane.  David would ask Matt to provide a brief update on the website developments.  David would write about the Kilburn Neighbourhood Forum.  David and Anna would work on producing posters.

  1. Kilburn Neighbourhood Forum

Noted that there would be a meeting on Thursday 11th September, but that BRAT had no representative to attend.  The forum was a cross borough group covering Camden’s and Brent’s Kilburn wards. A constitution was emerging and once this was agreed it would be possible for the group to apply to be recognised as a forum.  Planning at a local level  could be influenced by neighbourhood forums and the intention was to develop a long term plan.

  1. Willesden Lane Improvement Plan

Cllr. John Duffy reported that the litter and waste situation had greatly improved both in Willesden Lane and in Waterloo Passage.  Bins for landfill waste and recyclable waste were collected once a fortnight and the compost bins were collected weekly.  Problems were being caused by the waste collection signs being sited in the wrong places.  John had been removing these and had also contacted the relevant Council officer to raise awareness of the issue.  Agreed that the chair would write to the Chief Executive pointing out the importance of having readily understood signage sited correctly.

Noted that Cllr. John Duffy was trying to speak with representatives of Ruarch Ministries, who owned the State cinema building, to encourage them to use the part of the premises on Willesden Lane for the community.

Anna  Deneman had suggested that Paul Todd should take over from her on design and engagement when she took up her new post.  Noted that Ward Working funds could be applied for again, but that any bid had to be specific about the purpose of the funding.  It was also necessary to show that ‘additionality’ i.e. funding from other sources had been secured.  Sponsorship from tfl or a business could be sought to meet this requirement.

There was also a Community Infrastucture Levy for which BRAT could apply.

  1. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting would be held on 11th November 2014.

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