Minutes of the November 2014 committee meeting

Minutes of BRAT Committee Meeting 

11th November 2014


David Evans (chair), Jane Clist (secretary), Franceska Brown, Matt Clark, Judy Easter, Al Forsyth, Patricia Herbig, Irene Kyffin, Mary Loughnan, Wendy Roberts, Sheila Robin, Naomi Barnes (Brent Council), Cllr. John Duffy, Rita

Apologies: Peter Dow, Caroline Lynch, Annette Morreau, Mary O’Connor, Celia Purcell, Paul Schulte

One minute’s silence was kept to pay respect to Jack Quigley-Nicholson, a former chairman of BRAT,  who had died on 2nd November.  Arrangements for his funeral and wake were made known. Agreed to consult Mary O’Connor about a suitable tribute to be made from BRAT.

  1. Minutes of meeting held on 9th September 2014

Noted that Jenny Morgan had been present at the last meeting.  Apart from that, the minutes were confirmed.

  1. Naomi Barnes, Team Leader, Department for Highways and Transportation, London Borough of Brent

Naomi Barnes informed the committee of the progress being made with the proposed changes in Willesden Lane.  The consultation had been completed in August with a response rate of 11%, which was average.  86% of respondents agreed with the proposals.

The main design had been approved and implementation would take place in January and February 2015.  Plans of the agreed were works were presented.  Approval from Transport for London (TfL) was awaited for the pedestrian crossing outside the school.  The crossing tables would be put in, but the signals would not be put up until April.

Additional funding would be required for the provision of a continuous path outside the cemetery.  Discussions with TfL were in progress to try to secure funding for this.  The unauthorised beer terrace in front of the pub’ needed to moved so that it was next to the pub’ building and not separated by a stretch of road  Naomi would check that this had not been forgotten.

The proposed locations of trees were marked on the plan, and they might be planted later.  It had not yet been decided whether the trees would be in pots or planted in the ground.

The possibility of having benches was raised, but as they were not part of the existing scheme, they could only be considered if extra funding were found.  Noted that businesses might be approached to sponsor benches, or individuals may wish to do so as a memorial.

The possibility of narrowing the road at the school crossing was raised.  As a low cost solution, it was suggested that painting hatched lines on the road to narrow the width available to traffic at that point could be tried.  This would be  added later, if feasible, and Naomi would send designs to David.  A road safety audit would be carried out and then road safety would be monitored to see how it had been changed by the implementation of the scheme.

Naomi would ask the lighting team to review the lighting conditions at the crossings as concern was expressed about this.

It was noted that the area was a conservation area and that the Victorian paving and wide granite kerbs had to be kept and re-used when they were moved as part of the scheme.

It was intended to keep the road open during the works and control the traffic with temporary traffic lights.

The issue of the 2 metre wide parking bays in Clarence Road, where 1.8 metre wide bays had been requested, was raised with Naomi.

David thanked Naomi, who then left the meeting.

3.  AGM arrangements

    A newsletter and poster had been produced by Franceska, David and John.  Members of the committee undertook to deliver the newsletters door to door. The poster had been distributed and Matt would put the newsletter on the website.

Celia and Mary O’ Connor had agreed to arrange the refreshments.

Although Wendy presented her apologies for the AGM, she was willing to remain Treasurer unless someone else wished to take on the role.

Noted that BRAT no longer had Public Liability insurance and agreed that this was not necessary at the moment as there were no outside activities.

Agreed to put the subscription up to £5 a year per household from the AGM onward. David would circulate an amendment to the constitution to enable this increase before the meeting.

Al would prepare a table showing the officers needed to be elected at the AGM.

Noted that Matt wished to hand over management of the website to someone else.  Agreed that Matt and Jacqui had done sterling work on the website and agreed to ask Franceska and Anna if they could help.

Agreed that the agenda for the AGM should be ordered such that the BRAT items were dealt with before Tulip Siddiq, the Parliamentary candidate for the Labour Party, addressed the meeting.

Noted that there were security issues which need to be discussed with the  police Borough Commanders before hustings were arranged, possibly with BEST, possibly in the State cinema.

Cllr. John Duffy would talk about time-banded waste collections at the AGM.

Agreed that someone should speak about the Willesden Lane improvement plan at the AGM.

4.  Membership Subscriptions

Agreed to take annual subscriptions from people wishing to join BRAT at the AGM, but not to do a door to door collection.  Collection of subscriptions had not happened for a long time and was very time consuming.  The situation was not satisfactory.  When there was a topic of great interest being tackled, such as the CPZ, more people were keen to get involved, but it was felt that people increasingly expected to get services for nothing.  John offered to do one street after the AGM, calling on people who were on the list of non-paid up members.

5. State Cinema Building in Willesden Lane

Cllr. Duffy reported that he had been inside the building and found it had been stripped out and that it was difficult to see a future for it now.  Ruarch Ministries anticipated that they would need the building when their church grew.

6. Kilburn Neighbourhood Forum

The Forum had a newsletter and website and Anna and Daniel had been keeping a watching brief on it from BRAT’s perspective.  A strategic Borough Plan consultation would take place on the website to bring all the ideas together.

7. Revision of Bye-Laws

Noted that the recent revision of bye-laws for open spaces did not include the cemetery or Kimberly Gardens.  The cemetery buildings were on a rolling programme for being monitored.

8. Date of Next Meeting

The next committee meeting would be on 20th January 2015.

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