Street-specific Whatsapp mutual support groups in the BRAT area

Since Covid-19 arrived, many streets across the country have been creating Street-specific  WhatsApp groups. These are brilliant, and have twin goals: a very localised link between those who may need help and neighbours happy to offer it; and also connecting neighbours more generally and building local community spirit – which should endure well beyond the covid crisis.

Keith Anderson and George Latham, who live in central Victoria Road, have a thriving group in their section of the Road, are now working closely with local Residents’ Associations to encourage and support the creation of these street-level groups across the Kilburn Ward.

There are already groups established for nearly all of the streets between Brondesbury Villas and Willesden Lane. They are now working with the BRAT Committee and Street Reps to develop groups in our streets.

  • Torbay, Callcott and Streatley Road groups were launched last month.
  • This weekend groups have been launched on Dunster Gardens, Willesden Lane and Plympton Road+Avenue
  • ….and Keith is working with us to mobilise the remaining BRAT streets: Dyne Road (which will probably need two groups, to keep them manageable) and Buckley, Burton and Clarence Roads.

If you’d like to join the one for your Street – or would like to join or create a new one if your Street is missing – please contact Keith by email to , or text or call him on 07879 403 467 with your street and house number, and your mobile number; and he will connect you with the existing group, or offer support for a new launch.

He can help by setting up the group, arranging printing, getting volunteers to deliver leaflets. Let’s get BRAT caught up with BEST!

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