Isn’t 24 betting shops enough?

We can’t think of anyone who wants yet another betting shop on the high road.  Al Forsyth made the formal objection by BRAT to the council, and here’s what he wrote:

“I am writing in my capacity as Vice Chair of Brondesbury Residents and Tenants (BRAT) to object to the change of use requested to permit another betting shop. A recent count arrived at 24 existing premises in Kilburn with Gambling Licences.

This is more than enough, as pointed out by the Paddy Power barrister at the Licensing Magistrates hearing in the Betfair application for the former Lloyds Bank Building on the corner of Kilburn High Road and Dyne Road.

The Police have identified Betting shops as the focus for anti-social behaviour and petty crime including street drinking and drug dealing. We all also now know that the fiscal odds betting terminals are the current favoured method of money laundering. The problems of gambling addiction and targeting communities with high levels of deprivation also make this application unwelcome.

The applicants make much of the alleged economic benefits to neighbouring businesses through increased foot fall. The extremely low statistic for spending in health and beauty neighbouring stores reveals that patrons of Betting Shops are overwhelmingly male. In this era of Equality Legislation its surprising the applicant doesn¿t provide the statistic for gender balance of its customers. Another predominantly male, drink, drug and crime riddled business is not the way to regenerate the Kilburn economy and create an attractive environment for women, children and families.”


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