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If you’re not already aware of LifeInKilburn, you should be.  It’s one of the “big four”* local news services run by – I presume – enthusiasts.

It’s a Twitter account (follow real-time), fortnightly newsletter (follow periodically – email or RSS) and blog (dip in whenever you like). Here’s an example newsletter.

Often the articles linked are interesting and entertaining as well – here’s an example on the Limebikes. The blog covers topics other than news, including several on local history by Dick Weindling (example).

Twitter and the ‘Big Four’*

I’ve spent most of my life being sceptical of Twitter, but I finally found a real-world use for it: it is an outstanding source of local news.

If you’re new to it, I suggest the following:

  1. Create an account on twitter (more info)
  2. There’ll be quite a few steps for completion, but most have a ‘Skip for now’ option. Once past all of those, you should already be signed in, but if not sign in to your new account.
  3. Visit these in turn, pressing screenhunter_03 jan. 20 20.52 for each:
  4. Install the app (iOS, Android) on your phone if you’re keen (don’t forget to allow notifications) or just follow your new account at https://twitter.com/.
  5. Be amazed at how much information flows past your eyes in a short space of time.

* if I’ve missed someone (1) apologies and (2) contact us – see methods top-right – and we’ll put it right.

RSS and Feedly

If you’d rather consume your news at a more sedate pace, you can, of course, always sign up to various mailing lists.  However, there’s a better way…

Using RSS is like signing up to a mailing list, but without giving out your email address. It also keeps the news separate from your email, and it’s the best way to combine news feeds from multiple sources.  Rather than have an algorithm determine what you read (e.g. like on Facebook), why not choose your news sources and read them all in one place?

My favourite tool for following RSS feeds is Feedly.  Here’s a reasonable discussion of RSS Feeds and Feedly.

  1. Press this to get started:
    follow us in feedly
    This will get you following LifeInKilburn’s periodic newsletters on Feedly. (You’ll need to create an account, but it’s a much easier process than signing up for Twitter).
  2. Then, find the identical button elsewhere on this website (bottom of the sidebar on the right or, if on mobile, somewhere below this – scroll down).  Pressing it will sign you up to follow www.bratnw6.org.uk!

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