St Laurence’s Larder and Open Kitchen

christ-church-with-st-laurenceSt Laurence’s Larder provides a warm welcome and fresh food for those who struggle to make ends met in our community and beyond.  St Laurence’s Larder…

  • is open every Tuesday and Thursday 10am-1.30pm.
  • can be attended without a referral from other organisations.
  • provides a three-course meal – typically soup, pasta or sandwiches and dessert.
  • provides shower facilities.
  • runs a food bank which provides two or three days of dried and tinned food to take away (for those in desperate need).
  • acts as a referral agent for the SUFRA foodbank in Stonebridge.
  • has an emergency clothes bank which is available during St Laurence’s Larder normal opening hours.

BRAT has given a small donation to this important cause.  We encourage our members to do the same.  You can give in cash or donated items such as tinned or dried food, toiletries, clothing (particularly mens) such as socks, coats, warm tops etc. directly to the larder at the church Tuesday through Thursday mornings (ask for Stephen Chamberlain).

More information can be found at Christ Church with St Laurence Brondesbury or on the related Brent Council page.

Since you’re here, how about downloading the Streetlink app so when you know what to do when you see someone sleeping rough.

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