Streetlink – for when someone is sleeping rough

StreetLink is a website, mobile phone app (iOS, Android) and telephone service through which people can take positive action when they see someone sleeping rough by sending an alert that connects that person to local services for support.

StreetLink is a non-profit organisation managed and delivered by Homeless Link in partnership with St Mungo’s Homeless Charity.  See StreetLink’s FAQ for more information.

Have it on your phone, beside the Cleaner Brent app, account created and logged in, ready for when it’s needed.

What happens to your case when you log it in the Streetlink app?

The case is logged in the London-wide CHAIN database.  At the same time, it is passed to the appropriate local outreach team who works, on behalf of the council in question, to reach out to rough sleepers.  In Brent, and in several other London Boroughs, the council works with St Mungo’s.  Across the high road in Camden, cases go to the Camden Safer Streets Team (they have their own app, but this compliments, rather than supplants, Streetlink in Camden – Streetlink is fine to use London-wide).  The Camden SST are affiliated with Change Grow Live (CGL), who also provides a number of other services nationwide.

The respective outreach teams then work with a network of (almost exclusively volunteer-run) service providers of crisis centres, hubs for immediate safety, emergency and supported accommodation, coaching and so on (e.g. Ashford Place and the nearby St Laurence’s larder are two of many that you may be familiar with) to help people with challenges in their lives get back on their feet.

Streetlink have an FAQ page with answers to many more questions.


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