Bike Shed: Consultation on Relocation

The unannounced arrival of a bike hangar in Dunster Gardens was a cause of frustration for BRAT. Not because we object to bike hangars – on the contrary! – but because we had taken time and trouble in 2017 to identify suitable sites for them, and even gone on a walk-around with a representative of Brent to discuss these. After that, we heard nothing more until we found the hangar installed in a place that had not figured in discussions and was wholly unsuitable.

We wrote to Brent to complain about this disconnect. Promptly, we received a courteous reply (from a different Brent representative) saying that she would look into this. Barely two weeks later, we received another communication proposing a new site on Dyne Road  (see picture below). We gave our blessing; and now await the formal consultation notice, due to be issued in January. Fingers crossed for a happy outcome!

proposed bike hangar location from d huckle

Edit, February 12: The consultation letters have now gone out and nearby residents should have received them. BRAT has received a copy. It accurately represents Brent’s previous informal proposal.

We feel the new site is excellent because:

  • it is currently where double yellow lines exist so it would not be taking space used for anything else. In particular, there will be no loss of car parking in the area.
  • the bike hangar would be no wider than the disabled parking space immediately beside it (or the parking beyond it on that side of the road) and so would not impede vehicle traffic.
  • it is close enough to its previous location to not materially impact its use.

Therefore, we intend to reply in support.  Please get in touch if you feel that would be inappropriate.

You can explore the location from the comfort of wherever you are reading this from, or on foot of course!

The closing date for the consultation is 25 February.

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