Willesden Lane Improvement Plan – Update

There have been three recent developments in respect of BRAT’s aspiration to improve the southern part of Willesden Lane: 1) the committee has agreed to support the investigation of forming an additional (pedestrian) access into Old Paddington Cemetery. A copy of BRAT’s ‘Position Statement’ on the subject is available below; 2) following the Willesden Lane walkabouts last year, Anna Dennemann, the Willesden Lane Improvement Plan’s co-ordinator, is proceeding with plans to establish a Steering Group with a view to holding a public meeting setting out her detailed recommendations; date to be confirmed; and 3) Brent’s Head of Recycling and Waste, Chris Whyte, has confirmed that the Council will consult on its plans to introduce “timed-banded” residential waste collections on the southern part of Willesden Lane in 2014. BRAT has been pushing for such collections for some time now, in the belief that they will help improve the appearance of the street. Such collections are used in other similar streets, e.g., Harrow Road, and mean they are not a rubbish free-for-all.

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  1. Mary Loughnan says:

    Willesden Lane has a great new Italian café/deli. Dolce and Amaro has just opened on the corner of Willesden Lane and Torbay Road Excellent coffee and savoury food can be ordered. Please support this new business – it is just what we need in looking to improve our area. Open from 7.00 am to 8.00 pm it offers terrific value. Coffee and a croissant only £2.60!!

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