Recent consultations – Local Plan, Transport Plan

shaping-brent-s-future_300x150Two major consultations completed recently:

BRAT did not make a submission on either – we don’t currently have the capacity – but our neighbours in Queen’s Park did.  You can read their submissions here:

In my view, it’s hard to fault anything about either of these very thorough submissions. I can’t imagine BRAT finding anything further to add, even if we had somehow found the capacity to respond. They make numerous pertinent points and do a good job of highlighting the deficiencies of both consultation processes.  Twice, I had the thought “that’s exactly what we would have said too… if we’d thought of it”.

Could you let us know in the comments or by contacting us if you agree?

If this is true of the majority, we’d like to offer QPARA our endorsement – should it be of interest or help add weight to their arguments.

Brent draft budget proposals – consultation currently open

A third major consultation is currently open – the Brent draft budget proposals. These are the subject of the first of four agenda items in the upcoming Kilburn Brent Connects forum meeting, however, the meeting is after the January 31, 2019 deadline for submissions.  Therefore, have your say and take the online survey before then.


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